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The Section of Legal Work of the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia entered the TOP-10 organizations within the framework of legal cooperation for the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) initiative, according to the publishing house “Legal Daily” (China) version. The Section of Legal Work, established in April 2018, initiated by the Beijing DHH Law Firm with the co-founding of Russian law firms, including Hinkels Law Firm, achieved good results in a short time thanks to a deep understanding and development of Russian-Chinese business development issues.

Hinkels Managing Partner Mikhail Kuzmichev: “We are sure that we will be able to render services to our standardly quality Chinese partners within an “One Belt, One Road” initiative, launched by PRC President Xi Jinping. The initiative is aimed at creating new and improving existing trade routes linking the countries of Europe, Central Asia and Africa.”

“Legal Daily” (part of the organizational structure of the Ministry of Justice of People's Republic of China) is the state publishing house of the PRC under the leadership of the Central Commission of the Chinese Communist Party on Political and Legal Issues, which is published in PRC and primarily covers significant legal events.