Alam consulting

Legal examination of agreements and other corporate documents for compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the identification of the disputed provisions, compliance with the client's needs and the examination of another variant of contractual relations are the main conditions for a deal. In case there was no any legal review of the documents the client can take over unprofitable commitments or bear losses from the breach by the other party of contractual terms and conditions. The document may be found invalid by a judicial authority, if it: does not comply with the current laws, encroaches on the rights of the parties involved in the transaction, signed by an unauthorized agent and in some other cases. To start a legal expertise we need only a copy of the document and statement of definite tasks to the lawyer: -Checkout of certain terms of the contract (settlement procedures, responsibilities, obligations of the parties, etc). - Availability of the required quantity and content of the documents required for the preparation of the contract (power of attorney, certificates, applications, etc). - The legal implications of the contract, compliance with applicable laws. The results of the document’s examination are usually issued in the form of a legal opinion, which contains the answers to the questions set, and also recommendations concerning the adjustments to contract terms.