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Presidential Decree No. 622 of 31 October 2018 approved the Concept of the state migration policy of the Russian Federation for 2019 - 2025. The decree came into force from the moment of signing.

The previous Concept of the state migration policy of the Russian Federation until 2025 (№ PR-1490 of June 8, 2012) has lost its force.

The main principles of the new Concept are:

- complexity of problem solving;

- priority of interests of the Russian population, diversity of the Russian population;

- priority of financing the resettlement of compatriots to Russia in the priority settlement area;

- coordination of government activities in the field of migration.

The objectives of migration policy are:

a) improvement of legal, organizational and other mechanisms regulating and ensuring:

voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation for permanent residence of compatriots living abroad, as well as other persons who are able to successfully integrate into Russian society;

entry into the Russian Federation and stay in its territory of foreign citizens who wish to develop economic, business, professional, scientific, cultural and other relations, to study the language, history and culture of our country, capable of contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of Russia through their work, knowledge and competence;

b) creation of conditions for adaptation to legal, socio-economic, cultural and other living conditions in the Russian Federation of foreign citizens experiencing difficulties in adaptation due to the peculiarities of their culture and habitual way of life, as well as other factors;

c) the creation of a favorable regime for the free movement of students, scientific and pedagogical workers in order to develop science, vocational education, increase the level of training of scientific personnel and specialists for the industries and the government of the Russian Federation;

d) creating conditions for reducing disproportion in population distribution and solving problems of the country's spatial development;

e) further development of mechanisms and means of prevention, prevention, detection and suppression of violations of the migration legislation of the Russian Federation and corruption violations in the field of migration, including improvement of measures of responsibility for violation of the said legislation and the legislation of the Russian Federation on combating corruption;

f) assistance in accordance with generally recognized principles and norms of international law and the legislation of the Russian Federation to foreign citizens seeking protection in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Within three months, the action plan for the implementation of the Concept in 2019 - 2021 will be approved.

Hinkels Law Firm will monitor the development and application of the legislation of the new stage of the migration policy of Russia and inform about it.